November 28, 2022

How to Create a $10M+ Sales Pipeline in a New Market in 26 Days with Automated Outbound

In this case study, we reveal how we helped one of our clients create a $10M+ sales pipeline in a new market in under 4 weeks with personalized, automated outbound.

BONUS CONTENT: Get the exact email outreach sequence that we used to build a $10M+ sales pipeline in under 4 weeks.

Table of Contents

The Client

World class product with massive ambition
SteelCon is an innovative family-owned engineering firm based in Canada. Their proprietary product is up to 30% lighter weight than traditional steel allowing for higher cost effectiveness and faster project implementation while minimizing the carbon footprint of commercial development projects.

The Problem

Struggling to grow beyond local network
Despite having a revolutionary industry and world-changing product, SteelCon was seeking to expand internationally, however, they struggled to generate business outside of their local network.

The Solution

Managed business development
SteelCon realized they needed to create a predictable growth engine that allowed them to generate qualified leads and sales opportunities outside of their existing network. With Predictable Growth, SteelCon hoped tocreate a predictable B2B growth engine from managedgrowth that allowed them to expand their client base internationally.

The Results

S10M+ sales pipeline from scratch in 26 days
Within less than 4 weeks of launching their business development campaign, we generated a sales pipeline worth well over $10,000,000 by converting 2% of prospects we reached out to into sales appointments on the calendar.

BONUS CONTENT: Get the exact email outreach sequence that we used to build a $10M+ sales pipeline in under 4 weeks.

Business Development Process

Develop Your Avatar

As always, we began by defining the ideal client avatar in detail, including both demographics and psychographics, to craft a story-driven message that resonates.

Pictured: Our Customer Avatar Template

Develop Your List

Develop Your ListAfter defining our client's avatar, we produced a high quality, pre-vetted list of 500 perfect prospects that matched our client's targeting criteria.

Pictured: Prospect List from SteelCon's campaign

Market of One Research & Strategy Development

We researched our client's industry and competitive landscape in order to identify the opportunity gaps for them to make the competition irrelevant.

Pictured: One of several positioning exercises we use for developing our client's Market of One strategy

Develop Your Market of One Positioning, Messaging & Copywriting

After research, we refined our client's positioning and messaging from "a market of many" to a "market of one" and wrote a hyper-personalized sales outreach sequence designed to stand out from the crowd and generate responses from qualified leads.

Pictured: Our campaign messaging map, inspired by Donald Miller's storybrand framework.

Launch Your Business Development Campaign

We launched a a multi-step business development test campaign to a small list of 500 targeted prospects in order to generate interest in our client's service offerings.

Respond to Leads, Follow Up & Set Appointments

After prospects responded, our team responded, pre-qualify leads based on our client's criteria and set warm discovery calls on our client's calendar.

Pictured: Real life example of a prospect conversation that led to a $3M+ opportunity for our client. Click the button below to get the full email sequence!

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