Our mission is to help companies grow without sacrificing mental health.

The traditional model to grow your company is broken, inhumane and unsustainable. We created Predictable Growth to provide an alternative that allows companies to grow and thrive in a new era -- without sacrificing your time or mental health.

Ending modern slavery one company at a time since 2017.

Our Story

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Reading The 4 Hour Workweek provided our founder, Matt Kohn, a crystal clear roadmap to achieve his dream of building a business that allowed for a life of adventure and purpose.

On March 25, 2016 Matt quit his desk job in NYC to finally pursue this dream and in two years bootstrapped his B2B web design and development agency to serve 100+ clients thanks to referrals.

Then everything changed overnight. The agency’s two biggest clients (over half of revenue) cancelled and because the team was too busy delivering for clients, the sales pipeline was empty.

Within a few short weeks, Matt had to let his loyal team members of nearly two years go, sending him into depression for months.

Since this wake up call, Matt and the team have collectively invested millions into testing the model with hundreds of clients and mastering the art of client acquisition.

We are thrilled to help ambitious, forward thinking companies implement a new, superior alternative model that increases revenue, profit AND mental health.
Unfortunately, Matt’s story is not unique.

According to Business Insider, more than 80% of businesses fail due to problems with client acquisition and more than 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace (Stress.org).

We are here to share the good news and let the suffering end once and for all!

Instead of losing your team’s soul, potential and profit to the traditional high labor, inhumane model, there is a new alternative to grow that allows growth to be predictable, profitable and peaceful.

Through Predictable Growth, our mission is to help companies implement a smarter, alternative model for client acquisition and sales.